Whatsapp Plus Features and Latest Version Download v8.25 2020 edition

Today I am going to talk about an app that is definitely in every Android and iOS user's phone. Yes, I am going to talk about whatsapp today.

Official Whatsapp has a lot of features but many of you miss many features in Official Whatsapp like hide online status, download others status and a lot more. So, today I have a mod of Official Whatsapp which has all these features. Check it out below

Features of Whatsapp Plus:


Hide your online status

Hide blue ticks and second ticks

You can hide writing status

Hide your recording

You can hide Blue microphone

Hide your view status

Enable/disable anti-revoke

Plus settings

Sticker packs download from GBPLUS

Stickers maker


Various wallpapers from GBPLUS

Auto-reply feature as found as WA Business

Get lots of themes

Customize conversation screen

Customize chats screen

Notification popup customizable

Widgets customizable

You can share video has a size up to 50 MB

High-quality Image shareable

You can share audio which has a size of up to 100 MB

The original quality of images can be shared in status

You can share video status longer than 30 seconds up to 7 minutes

Lock WhatsApp plus

See logs and activity

Choose your fonts from a variety of font collection

You can take a full backup and restore it in any version of WA MOD

General settings

Restart WhatsApp Plus

Custom chats for Privacy, Notifications, Media auto-download

Message Scheduler

DND Mode

Advantages of using WhatsApp+:

You can take the full advantage of this app WA+ with a lot of features that you never get in the ordinary version of WhatsApp. You may have been using WhatsApp plus for months but I am sure you are not familiar with all of those cool features which I am going to display below.

Hide online status: This is a very common and useful feature of all MOD WA, this amazing feature of this application lets you hide your online status from others. it means no one is capable of seeing you online when you turn this feature on. It helps you when you do not let people know that you are online.

Hide blue ticks: In Whatsapp Plus, users get a single tick when the message is sent and double ticks mean messages were delivered and double blue ticks which sands the sent message was seen. You can hide blue ticks and do not let others know that their messages were seen by you.

Writing status: When you write a message to someone the feature of WhatsApp lets him know that you are typing and writing something to him. If you do not wont to let others know your writing status you can simply enable it in the privacy options of WhatsApp Plus.

Recording status: Recording studio, as well as writing status, can be hidden to others, you can hide your recording audio status to others.

Sticker Packs: Download cool and trending sticker packs from this website. We keep them updated based upon sticker trends. If you wish to make your own sticker packs for WhatsApp plus you are welcome to do so, just download the sticker maker from this site.

Cleaner: This is a great tool for those who have to delete unneeded chats, clear chats, and other stuff to use this cleaner tool.

Wallpapers: Every smartphone loves to set wallpaper on the screen, right? Who, those also love to set wallpaper on chat screen they must check out some amazing wallpapers from our site.

Auto-reply: Auto-reply feature is usually found on the Whatsapp Business app, ordinary WA does not have the feature. But the Whatsapp Plus latest version APK has the Auto-reply feature. Use it to set auto-reply from you to someone who messages you.

Themes: This is an uncommon feature of MOD Whatsapp, not all Mod versions of WA provides you this. The feature is the theme option, which means you can customize your WhatsApp plus interface in your own way. There are lots of themes available created by other users, you can be one of them by making your own theme and uploading it into Whatsapp plus.

Customization: Whatsapp plus not only provides some cool features but also takes care of its users' interests. You can use Whatsapp plus and customize it in your own way, you can edit the header, chat screen, main screen and user interface. You can also customize its notification message and widgets

Sharing: Whatsapp Plus allows you to share items in a way that the ordinary version of WA does not. It allows you to share videos longer than 30 seconds and supports up to 7 minutes od videos, 50 MB of video size, 100 MB of audio size, original quality if images.

Security: If you are concerned about more security of Whatsapp plus, then why do you not lock your Whatsapp? NO, you do not need any third party app to protect it. The latest version of Whatsapp+ has an inbuilt lock feature. Set passwords and keep secure your WA.

Logs and history: WA+ has a log and history feature which records all of your activity including the opening time to closing time and everything you do in WA plus. It may help you in many ways.

Fonts and style: This Whatsapp Mod has a variety of fonts that come with amazing styles, size, shapes. I am sure you would love to try them.

Disadvantages of using Whatsapp Plus MOD:

As we know that Whatsapp Plus has lots of amazing features and who had ever used it they might fell in love with it. But those days are gone when people used to use it without any doubt. Now you may think what the doubt is. Let me tell you, Whatsapp Plus was always free to use and people used it at ease without any fear and facing a ban. But now the primary disadvantage of using Whatsapp Plus is a ban. You may lose your account if you use Whatsapp Plus, so why people use it, right? Let me also inform you, you are not supposed to use your primary number with Whatsapp plus, or rather use a temporary number, a number which does not bother you in its ban. For more information kindly read the safe use of WA+.

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