This payment wallet is going to be closed, withdraw money soon or you will have to face loss

The RBI informed on Tuesday that it has canceled the license of Vodafone m-Pesa.

The Reserve Bank of India has canceled the license of Vodafone m-Pesa. After this action by RBI, Vodafone m-Paisa can no longer continue this business. m-Pesa will no longer have the rights to provide payment facility as a prepaid instrument. The RBI gave information about this on Tuesday.

Claim settlement will be able to be done within 3 years

However, customers and merchants of m-Paisa can claim valid under POS. They will have the right to claim their claim settlement from the company within 3 years of canceling the license. Vodafone has said on this matter that he himself had requested the RBI to stop this service.

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